Compatibility Test

This is the famous compatibility test. Over 1 million people have now taken the test and shared compatibility codes.

The test will show you ten pairs of images. The images are carefully selected to trigger emotional thoughts which build a picture of your personality.

This profile is then stored and can be accessed via a code. When two codes are compared, the advanced compatibility test technology provides a percentage match.

It's weird. It's clever. It works.

Take the compatibility test and get your unique code
Share the unique code with anyone or everyone
Compare codes to get your match percentage
1,105,100 people have now taken this test.

Taking The Compatibility Test

This test is designed to work out how well you match with someone else. That might be a friend, a work colleague, a partner or someone you are about to marry. It uses some of the most advanced technology to work out how compatible you are with someone else.

Why the test uses images

The original compatibility test used a standard question and answer. However, after many thousands of tests taken it became obvious that people chose answers not based on what they really thought but on what other people thought would be better. For example, if the question is do you prefer a restaurant or a takeaway, people tend to say restaurant more than takeaway because they think it makes them more sophisticated.

By using images to better understand personality traits, then people tend to take the test on a more instinctive level. In doing so, the test becomes more accurate. In many cases, people try to read meaning into the images but that's not a problem. What someone interprets the image as can be as telling as anything else.

Using percentages

Most people who take the test don't really want a full breakdown of the match - they just want a simple percentage match and so that's what we provide.

Test accuracy

A common question that people ask is how accurate the compatibility test actually is. The answer is that we haven't got a clue. It's really just a bit of fun isn't it !! :-)

Note ! This test is intended purely for fun.
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